Michigan Residents: We will pay to fix the roads

Michigan Residents: We will pay to fix the roads

A recent finding by the Center of Michigan, in effort to determine where public opinions stands, found that the conditions of the roads are high on residents’ radar.  The article quotes, “Seven out of 10 participants in the Center for Michigan’s Community Conversations said the state’s roads, bridges and infrastructure are an urgent priority, compared with only 8 percent who said roads aren’t a priority or that we shouldn’t invest in repairs.”  Further, polls have indicated that more than half of Michigan residents are willing to pay more in taxes so that the roads can be fixed.  If taxes were to go up to pay to fix the roads, politicians may not receive a harsh backlash.  The article also states that Michigan is the last in the country on per capita road spending.  


What are your opinions on the condition of Michigan roads?  Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to fix the roads? 



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